Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughts on the CWG closing ceremony (even as it continues to continue)

  • Why are they singing English songs?
  • Why is Shiamak singing at all?
  • Why did they resurrect the ghost of Usha Uthup?
  • Why does Kalmadi give such long speeches?
  • At least they aren't messing around with intricate classical dance moves that no one can see from the stands...
  • ...or large laser-generated outlines of people doing yoga
  • Maybe there's a level of self-understanding that set in post-opening ceremony that made them say, look, this is us. We are Indians, and we are best at large-scale synchronised dances set to a medley of random film songs. All that talk about showcasing culture and heritage was a way to spend the ginormously inflated budgets that we were given to...well, to do exactly those things. But that's the past. Today, we sing, we dance, we rationalise

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