Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There’s this one shot in a Wim Wender’s film called ‘Wings of Desire’. It shows an angel standing on the roof of a tall building. He’s on the edge and leaning forward ever so slightly. You can see the skyline in the background, but it is blurred and indistinct. Everything looks slightly grimy, as if a dust storm is brewing. The wings, however, retain their delicacy - they are white, almost transparent.

Whenever I see this image I feel a strange kinship. I keep getting this feeling that he and I are in some way similar. We are both in purgatory. He is condemned to saving souls, but instead wants to live a normal life. I am stuck with a shatteringly normal life, when I’d rather be saving souls.

He’s on the edge. So am I.

He’s leaning forward. I am too.


hopscotch said...

Aah! I liked this I know where it is from... love the explanation...and the phrase -"shatteringly normal life"...

Updated after a long time...where have you been?

a fan apart said...

thank you, hopscotch. would have liked to say that i've been scouting suitable tall buildings, but that would be far from the truth. been right here actually, just wasn't feeling much like writing.

Billi in a Gamla said...

Rather liked what you wrote, can't help feel a strange kinship to it.