Monday, February 2, 2009

Magnolia and Genre

A perceptive piece about movies that refuse to subscribe to the limitations of genre. Particularly interesting is the writer's slotting of 'Magnolia' (P.T Anderson, 1999) as a unique example of a film happily co-existing in a multitude of genres at once. I came across the article after seeing the movie. It caused everything in my head to unravel and made me go right back to the movie again. Every review should do that.

Frank in his satire

Earl in his melodrama

Jim in his crime film

Claudia in her harsh drama

Jim in his romantic comedy

P.S. The author's slotting of 'The Apartment' as a film suspended between genres is also spot-on, though that's the least of the reasons why one ought to see it. No film has ever captured the essence of bitter-sweet romance in a unsympathetic world as heartbreakingly as this one.

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