Sunday, September 14, 2008


'...aur sadkein thi sab mere baap ki
Aur main tha, tu thi aur thi dilli bas'

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Anonymous said...

i feel an affinity for this city (that wasnt really mine) like i'v never felt before for any other place. even when the last chain of bombs went off i was right here yet it didnt hit me like now. as if something that is mine is going to bits. and im not just talking about the blasts and the casualties. its the people their minds. they hav all forgotten whats right. its just a blame game. i see no end. just killings in retaliation to past killings. all over the world. the age of the terror wars. i hate the saffron miscreants as much as the those who preach to the youth to kill in the name of islam. but people dont get it. i am seething with anger to hear people talk about banning islam and masjids.

(dont worry about why i am writing this here. just looking at the map of delhi like that brought it all out...)