Saturday, February 9, 2008

2:02 AM (Until Now)

In my past
There are no demons
In my head
The smaller details stick
In my mind's eye
It gets tougher and tougher to picture you
In my imagination
You're having a great time
In my despair
I become prolific
In my loneliness
I wake up grey
In my defence
I meant whatever I said
In my anger
I am more civilised than the rest
In my present job
I am a worker
In my life
I need something more
In my mirror
I look unshaven
In my forecasts
Expect a light drizzle
In my self-assessment
I should be doing something else
In my past
I see patterns I can't ignore
In my future
I see more thinking
In my self-esteem
Enter visions of me in school
In my prayers
There is no god
In my silence
I am at my most formidable
In my experience
People expect you to change
In my conceit
I assumed things would work themselves out
In my writing
I'm rarely this honest
In my eagerness
I stop being demanding
In my repetition of mistakes past
I could find some time


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. every single line makes me think about the same in me. such simplicity and yet...

Anonymous said...

this be fine prose, my good man.

Anonymous said...

feels like i know (really know ... or maybe now the word is knew) the person this is talking about ... am i wrong ??

a fan apart said...

The person this is talking about is me. Its like The Narcissist Manifesto.

Anonymous said...

duh, we gathered that....