Friday, April 4, 2008


I walked towards IIT, cussing under my breath with each step. Why me, why this job, why the auto repair, why the scratched CD, and most of all, why rain all of a sudden in February? Then I did myself a favour and looked up. It was magical. A light drizzle persisted, but the sun had come out. It broke through the dense cover of trees overhead and streaked the dark green with shimmering fluorescent. Drops hung from the branches, wishing they were frost. The road looked shiny, sleek - a siren lying in wait for unsuspecting scooterists. There was a slight nip in the air, a cruel teaser considering the already soaring temperatures and the many months left for the Monsoon. I pulled out my Sony Ericsson and started clicking.

It was like Monet had painted the scene from inside a car with the windscreen wipers working furiously but ultimately proving ineffective. It was like Jefferson Airplane had sung it. It said ‘rainy day’ like nothing else.

I’ll burn every bridge that I cross. To find some beautiful place to get lost.

‘Black and White’
The day was bad. The moment when I looked up was good. Its not just that. In what has become a rare occurrence, my eyes were actually open to the beauty of the scene in front of me. If that sounds self-serving, I can assure you that most other days, I would simply have seen a wet road.

The wrought-iron gate cast ghostly white shadows, the sky was as black as a cadaver. Purple patches festered like small mushroom clouds. Even with all this, one’s eye kept returning to the small splash of red in the far right corner of the page.


Anonymous said...

feb or april? i hated the storm. i think i need to go for a drive

a fan apart said...

My mistake. April. Yesterday, actually...

Anonymous said...

do u live near iit? was just there some day and was wondering how weird it is that i read ur blog and that i faced the same storm and read about it here the very same day. that probably iv seen u someday n dont know it was u and generally that the world is such a small place and the internet crowds it more. and that life is like a story where the reader must know that some two characters pass each other when the characters themselves dont know. apart from the doubt that there is a reader to all our stories

a fan apart said...

Nope, i don't live near IIT. i think the chances of us having having passed by each other that day at that time must be about equal to those of you chancing on this blog and reading this was a strange storm though, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

the 'read' i used was in the present continuous tense