Thursday, December 17, 2009

The entertainment year that was

'In years to come, people will look back and realize that this movie changed everything...' what will not happen

For the record then - best movie to emerge out of India this year, best music as well.

Not his best song. But no one could be more deserving.

...because I am nothing if not a Mark Ruffalo fan. The Brothers Bloom was the sleeper hit that never quite became a sleeper hit. But Ruffalo displaced reality with great style, as did Adrian Brody, Rachel Weisz and, in a super-cool silent performance, Rinko Kikuchi.

'The Last Carnival': Springsteen and the E Street Band say an emotional goodbye to Danny Federici

He died. And then, ironically, he was a star again...

...because the main selling point was not Ranbir as a sardar, but Jaideep Sahni as the writer. And the lead performance was refreshingly modest, so much so that each supporting turn seemed like a revelation.

Tarantino finally repays my fandom by not falling prey to his own

Vishal Bharadwaj's 'fun' movie. It's still pretty dark.

India's Oscar submission. Modest, funny, not one false step from frame one to end.


Miss P said...

nice... agree.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. that's what you were looking for me to say for Rocket Singh!


a fan apart said...

Angad: Return to your blog. Would be great to hear you post on Rocket Singh.

Penfold: Armoured tanks.